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About Us

Doves' Nest Assisted Living, LLC 

Older adults are sometimes faced with difficult choices which may require them, along with their family, to make living accommodations that will assist residents with activities of daily living.

Doves' Nest strongly recommends that the resident be involved with the decision and selection process. The best time to make the change is before the resident becomes significantly mentally or physically impaired. Consideration should be given to all type of facilities that are available, to enable the resident and the family to choose the best one suited for them.

Doves' Nest Residential Care Home for the elderly offers help with non-medical aspects of daily activities in a home atmosphere. Residents are treated with respect and dignity.

In addition to providing meals, coordination with transportation for medical appointments, activities and pleasure trips, Doves' Nest also provides:

  • Linens and personal laundry services
  • Assistance with eating
  • Opportunities to be as independent as residents are capable of, or willing to be   

This is a life style for those who are mildly, cognitively impaired, while physically capable; or those who are mentally capable but have motor skill deficits.

Daily or weekly services include:

  • Routine personal care
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • 3 meals plus snacks
  • Medication reminder/supervision

Whether you need short-term recovery assistance or long-term care,

please give us a call.