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A Message From Anna R.:

Dove's Nest has been a safe haven for defining the meaning of HOME for my 85 year old mother. It's a cozy and nurturing environment with wonderful activities of exercise, massages, "hair day", weekend visits from a guitar singing group and great home cooking. When you walk into Dove's Nest you immediately feel it as home because of the aroma of home cooking (and baking too!) as well as the constant fresh cleaning that goes on throughout every day of the week. I wish we would have found this home years ago for my mom. Since mom suffers from dementia it's important to keep her engaged and eating well. Ana (Doves' Nest owner) has a special way of reaching every woman that lives there and calls home. She and her incredible staff touch every old soul with affection and care as if they are caring for their own mother. Her staff is well trained by Ana since she is there 8-10 hours a day every day. Her staff is totally focused on Dove's Nest residents and that is so assuring to me. Mom and her family are so blessed to have Dove's Nest in our lives and part of OUR family!!

Anna R. (daughter)

A Message From Norma T.:

The day came when we had to find a place for our mother, so that she could be cared for the way she had cared for her four daughters.

Doves' Nest opened its doors, and when we walked in, we knew that this would be home for our mother. Walking into Doves' Nest, there was an aroma coming from the kitchen and it said, "comfort". The environment was warm, and the staff loving!

Our mother has been at Doves' Nest for eight months now, and all those feelings we felt when we first walked in, have been confirmed with the gift of time. Mother's well being has improved and maintained due FIRST to the care given by the staff. The attention to nourishment is an attribute that has satisfied mother's palate, and the stimulation through a variety of daily and weekly activities makes the residents feel like they are never alone.

My sisters and I visit weekly, and when we walk away, we leave with a sense of peace that our

Mother is at the home she and our father made for us while growing up.....Now Doves' Nest can help us do that!

With much respect to all the care takers of Dove's Nest

Norma Linda Trevino

A Message From Elda P.:

Doves Nest for the past 7 months. My sweet mother has been wonderfully cared for by the loving caretakers & Ana Khan, the owner of this Assisted Living Home. Mother is happy in her new home. She is comfortable, well taken care of, and enjoys the home cooked meals. I like seeing the weekly activities that Doves Nest provides such as Zumba. There are monthly visits by community volunteers, such as musicians who provide lively music for the ladies. Also, my sister, Norma, volunteers to do arts/crafts with everyone. The ladies seem to enjoy this as well. Additionally, the residents’ families & friends are welcome to visit them anytime, and I appreciate this “Open Door” family environment. 

Doves Nest is a lovely place, well furnished, very clean, and gives the feeling of being at “home.” The staff is kind, friendly, caring, and hardworking.

I was quite impressed with the beautiful Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrations which were provided for the residents and their families. The food was delicious, and the table settings as well as festive decorations were so appreciated. I am so very pleased with all that Ana Khan and her staff provide for my mother and all of these sweet residents. Doves Nest is truly a peaceful and loving home for my mother, Raquel…

Elda P. (Raquel’s daughter)

A Message From VO:

I met Ana Khan while working for the two Probate Judges here in SA. As the eyes and ears of the Judges, I would report on three areas when visiting a ward: the physical body being cared for, the living environment being suitable and the attention to detail given by the legal guardian.

When I entered the Dove's Nest for the first time, I immediately noticed the special touches and genuine warmth. The 'ward' I was checking on, was dressed nice, smelled clean and her hair was impeccable. I was especially touched by how the home felt like 'their' home.

Ana's approach to caring for those under her charge is simple, she treats everyone like family. From the parties to the everyday meals, attention to detail is given by Ana and her wonderful, supporting staff follow suit.

After leaving my court monitor job and going into guardianship, I was in a position to place a client of mine in an assisted living home. It should be no surprise that the first call I made was to Ana ... thankfully, she not only remembered me but she had an open bed!


A Message From Angela Weissgarber:

"Thank you, Ana, for your tender care of my mother this past year. It is with very mixed emotions that I have decided to move her to a home closer to where I live.

You and your kind staff have made my mother feel welcomed and loved. She has been happy living at the Dove’s Nest and will certainly miss you all. I know it will be hard to replace your home’s sweet environment and we will really miss Angie’s happy countenance and her delicious meals! She is quite a wizard in the kitchen! We will also miss Ruth’s gentle manner with the ladies. You have developed and encouraged a very nurturing atmosphere in your home and I will eagerly refer you to any who are looking for a home in the north central San Antonio area.

Thank you again for loving and caring for my dear mother.

In gratitude,

Angela Weissgarber"

A Message From Jenny Cooper:

"Our Dad has stayed at Doves' Nest with Ana Khan since April, 2001 and it was the best decision we could have ever made for him. It is like home to him now, always clean and he has received the best care available. She personally prepares meals, and since she is a gourmet cook they smell wonderful. We are welcome to come and visit at anytime and we always find the residents content and receiving loving care. One thing we have noticed is how Ana treats each resident as though they were a family member. She is always pleasant and cheerful and treats them with respect. Every holiday and birthday is celebrated; she takes pictures at these events which she keeps around the rooms to make it more like home. Ana is an angel-----she is the kindest, most gentle and caring person to ever care for a member of our family."

A Message From Kathryn Helm:

"I am writing this letter on behalf of a very special caretaker, Ana Khan. My father began to decline in mental and physical health in November 2000. After a short hospital stay, he was moved to a very nice nursing home. He stayed there for one full month when we decided to care for him at home. We had grown more and more frustrated by the lack of care given to him. He seemed to be getting worse in physical ability and mental ability during his stay in the nursing home. My mother was somewhat able and my brother moved in with them for a few months to help. We also had some in-home care. Living at home again was hard on both my mother and my dad. After a fall in April of 2001, he landed in the hospital again. With advice from a social worker, we began to search for a personal care home. It might be more affordable and maybe we could find a more caring home for my dad than the nursing home had been.

Our prayers were answered when we visited The Doves' Nest and met Ana Khan. My dad moved into her home with a few other patients on April 17, 2001. With Ana’s attentiveness, loving strokes, encouragement, great food, and her skill in attending older adults, my dad improved in physical ability and seems to be very happy. My mother visits my dad almost daily and my siblings and I visit him every week or so. We have always found him to be clean, well cared for, and happy. The food Ana prepares is healthy and things my dad really enjoys. Dad had some minor surgery a few months ago and the doctor attending him mentioned how well cared for he seemed to be. Ana provided the doctor with extensive information and called regularly about his progress to the doctor. We could not be happier with the loving home that my dad resides in with Ana’s care. Please do not hesitate to call if you would like further information."

A Message From Cecile:

"Ana dear, You are a bringer of joy to all who live in your home. I see our prayers being answered for Ann being with you. You do all days with a special flare – Christmas following brightly in your path. Thanks for my box of Christmas joy!"      

A Message From The Granberry Family:

"Dear Ana, There are no words we can thin of to thank you for what you do for our Dad – which helps our mom greatly. You treat the residents you have like part of your family and with such respect and love. Even the ones who can’t converse with you, you speak to them so sweetly yet do not talk down to them. We love you. God bless you."      

A Message From Anna Bell and Moss:

"Dearest Ana, We appreciate your love and patience. We thank you for the beautiful cups filled with chocolate and cookies. We will enjoy these. We do love the members of your team. They handle everyone in a caring way. We thank you for making us fell welcome each time we come. We hope you have a blessed and prosperous New Year."   

A Message From John (Trinity Baptist Church):

"Thank you so much for your letter regarding Mrs. Shields. I appreciate so much your sincerity and gracious comments. I was equally touched that you would take the time to attend her service and be with the family. It is a testimony to Doves’ Nest that their Administrator truly cares and was both saddened at the loss of Mrs. Shields; and yet took joy in her last relocation. I suspect that you must feel “Divinely called” to the mission in which you find yourself. May God’s spirit, which illumined Mrs. Shields, and continues to illumine use; shine through you as a source of comfort and peace to those who need it most."

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